Walker Mowers Guide


When investing in lawn care equipment, it’s important that you carefully evaluate all the models of a reliable company in order to find the ideal mower. In this website, you’ll find all the information you need to know about Walker Lawn Mowers. With details ranging from the technical specifications to troubleshooting, the Walker Lawn Mowers Guide will help educate you on all aspects of buying a lawn mower. There’s also an FAQ section where you can leave your questions and have them answered by other members of our forum.

For a bit of insight on Walkers, the company is over 50 years old, having set up their first factory in 1957. Since then, Walker successfully produced a series of top notch mowers that introduced a plethora of modern features including an out front design, innovative attachments, and Walker’s own commercial grade engines. By 1989, the organization had rolled out over 5000 mowers across the United States, New Zealand, Australia and numerous regions in Europe. By 2000, the company had built over 50,000 mowers – they surpassed the 100,000 mark in 2008. Each Walker mowers includes a minimum 1 year limited warranty.

Selecting the right Walker Lawn Mower 

With a large variety of diverse mowers available, it’s important that you analyze your property and go through all the models to determine which one best fits your needs.Walker have two main line of mowers:

  1. Non-collecting Models 
    Riding mowers with zero-turn capability and an ergonomic seating design, Walker’s non-collecting series are ideal for personal properties and small to mid-sized commercial spaces. The units are self-driven tractor-based mowers that are powerful as well as practical. Popular models of this series include the MB19, MB23i, and the MH38i.
  1. Collecting Models 
    Similar to Walker’s non-collecting series in build and quality, the collecting line of mowers come with built with a grass collecting apparatus that minimizes the need for post-cleaning, useful especially on larger properties and estates. Additionally, the collecting container is installed on an extendable arm capable of lifting the load for discharging in an appropriate place. Popular models of the collecting series include the MC19i, MS14 and the MT25i.


Common Problems 

As with almost any piece of outdoor equipment, lawn mowers are susceptible to wear-and-tear from the rigors of constant mowing. Walker mowers may run into problems from time to time, here are the most common ones and quick fixes that may resolve the issue:

  • Mower does not start:
    Check the fuel level and add gas if required. If this isn’t the issue, take off the engine cover and examine the spark plug wiring – disconnect and reconnect if required. Dirty air filters can also choke the engine and inhibit ignition from occurring.
  • Smoke coming out of mower:
    Clean out accumulated debris and clippings from the deck and underneath of the mower. Ensure that your blade is sharp and not coming in contact with the mower’s housing. Also inspect the side discharge chute and ensure that it’s clear.
  • Loss of power while mowing:
    As with a mower that’s difficult to start, this could be caused by an unclean air filter or a issue with the spark plug. If these components are not responsible, try increasing the cutting height and then mowing again at the desired height the second time.


With a strong global presence and years of customer satisfaction, Walker have established themselves as a leading lawn care equipment manufacturer. Having rolled out their revolutionary mowers in 28 countries, the company’s legacy speaks for itself.  And with a fail-safe guarantee in the form of a limited period warranty, the organization’s emphasis on protecting customer values gives consumers the confidence to make a decision. If there’s something you would like to add to our website, a comment you would like to make, feel free to write to us or post your query in the FAQ section.